We Still Kiss

Dr. James B. Richards

We want to find that special someone – the “look” in their eyes, that special touch, the sensation of butterflies in our stomachs when they walk into the room – and we wish those feelings could be there for life. They can!

This study is about finding love, developing love, growing in love, and recovering lost love. Whether you are newly engaged, happily married and seeking to go to the next level, or trying to recover a lost relationship, this is for you. There are none of the tired old clichés here, no more idealistic formulas; these are proven life principles that will open the secrets of lasting love and endless romance to you.

Every day couples go to counselors, do all the right things, and take all the right steps, but their hearts are never changed. The emptiness is excruciating. The loneliness is devastating. You weren’t looking for a formula, you wanted real love. You really can feel the passion that you never thought possible. You can discover the godly secrets to intimacy. You can turn your relationship into Utopia.

Don’t settle for a life of just existing together. Don’t accept anything less than an exciting relationship of passion and romance. Reach out, take the hand of the one you love, and journey together with Dr. Jim Richards as you discover a fresh new look at marriage, relationships, romance, passion, and love – yes, incredible, consuming love.

We Still Kiss gives you the tools to be in love for the rest of your life. Find out how you can experience a lasting love that is better than you ever dreamed possible!