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to Freedom Farm

In the day-to-day work of the farm, limitless opportunities naturally arise for growth and self-discovery, to experience safe community and practice healthy “heart skills”, and to encounter the love and presence of God.

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Freedom Farm is

a faith-based therapeutic farm employing permaculture gardening and equine-assisted therapies to nurture women and help them heal and grow.

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Our Mission

We provide a wholesome, naturally therapeutic environment to help women who have experienced lack of nurturing, trauma and loss to learn the “skills of the heart”: authentic communication, healthy boundaries, emotional and relational self-management, and peaceful conflict resolution. At Freedom Farm, they can discover their true identity and purpose as cherished and honored daughters of God and strong, confident leaders of themselves, their families and their communities.

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Our Approach

We employ the therapeutic value of a simple farm environment: deep mulch/no till gardening; permaculture orchards and food forests, working and developing the land; wattle fence building, foraging, willow craft and other creative crafting, and caring for and working with horses and other animals.