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HeartSkills History | What are “Skills of the Heart” | Faith-Based Perspective | How to Get Started

HeartSkills™ Coaching services and facilitated book and Bible studies are offered both to the general public and as part of our healing and growth discipleship program for those we serve at Freedom Farm. Privately contracted coaching, facilitated small group studies, and speaking and teaching engagements help support our family personally. Those who wish to give to support the ministry of Freedom Farm will help women who cannot afford services to receive them regardless of ability to pay. For more on our Freedom Farm Philosophy on Giving Statement, go here.

HeartSkills History

Julie Elliott-Eickenroth, Founder of Freedom Farm and HeartSkills™ Coaching: As I recovered from severe suicidal depression and learned and grew emotionally healthy through my 30s and 40s, people (mainly women) started noticing my newfound freedom and peace and began asking me to meet with them over coffee to chat. I did it so often, I began calling it 'mentoring by coffee'. As I talked with more and more folks, I noticed they struggled with many of the identical things I had, so I simply shared what I had been learning. Eventually I felt God's hand directing me to go into this work more intentionally. I went back to school and began working on my bachelor's degree in Family Life Education. Two electives remain to complete my degree. Over the years, I have taken extensive training in coaching, trauma-informed perspectives, human and sex trafficking, permaculture, and equine-assisted therapies, and continue to do so.

As I searched for a name to describe what I was sharing with others over coffee, I realized what I was actually doing was teaching people skills  -- skills of the heart to help them manage their own hearts, their relationships, and by extension, their whole lives. Hence, “HeartSkills”.

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Coaching and teaching “the skills of the heart”

to women, men, couples, teens

& families.


What are the "Skills of the Heart"?

Here are some examples of “the skills of the heart”:

  • Telling the truth, even if I might risk rejection and criticism. I was so terrified of rejection that I would agree with almost anybody, say yes to almost anything. I learned that I wouldn't die if I told the truth - in fact, I learned to live.

  • Setting and holding boundaries. Did you know there are five phases to boundary setting?

  • Discovering, honoring and holding onto my God-given identity, even when others disagree with or oppose me.

  • Avoiding the deadly codependency trap. "Helping" others who want you to fix everything for them is exhausting.

  • The bombshell revelation of the power, pain and torment of toxic judgments. This truth has become the core of everything I teach and practice. 

I am a coach. I am not a licensed professional counselor. I listen and ask questions similar to a counselor; however, I do not hold a degree or licensure and I will make a referral if I feel what a client needs is outside the professional and ethical scope of my area of skill and expertise. I view what I do as someone who 'comes alongside', like a coach, a cheerleader, an accountability partner, an encourager, a teacher, a friend -- even an occasional butt-kicker! But more specifically, I'll help you find the tools to develop “the skills of the heart” and to employ these powerful, life-changing insights for yourself.

I want to impart to you the 'skills of the heart' to break the power of pain off your life, destroy cycles of self-defeating behaviors and beliefs, and enjoy deeply loving, healthy relationships free of fear and control. It is my joy to help you find "the golden thread" -- that core purpose that weaves itself throughout your life ... the life theme to which you return again and again -- and empower you to embark on a vibrant journey of eternal purpose and deeply satisfying work. 

A Word About Our Faith-Based Perspective

Regarding the faith-based perspective that informs our HeartSkills™ approach and Freedom Farm: I have embraced the Christian faith for over forty years. I do not require those I work with to ascribe to the same beliefs. I will coach or teach anyone. I have deep respect and love for all people and believe that the principles I teach work anywhere they're tried. On this journey, I pray you encounter the cheerful God of hope, who joyously loves you without reserve and has huge plans for your life! 

“I have deep respect and love for all people and believe that the principles I teach work anywhere they’re tried.”

That said, as a believer in Jesus Christ, I have a special longing to see confident, joyful believers and healthy, productive faith communities become a winsome example to the world of the life-giving message of the Gospel, demonstrating mature love, humble service, and the biblical wisdom of peaceful conflict resolution. Transformed people transform their world - their families, workplace, schools, government and communities. My passion is to strengthen believers to love well ~ to stand together in genuine unity, offering steadfast love, compassion and hope through the intense times in which we are living.

How to Get Started with HeartSkills™ Coaching

Julie is an articulate communicator who strives to hear the heart of her group members, offering skillful guidance on their path of self discovery. Her insights are a compassionate combination of her educational background and personal experience. I recommend HeartSkills Facilitated group studies to all who are interested in personal and spiritual growth.
— Jacquelyn Kaschel – Peace Ranch, Executive Director

When someone approaches me for HeartSkills™ Coaching, first we meet to talk about whatever it is you're struggling with. It could be depression, a broken relationship, a frustrating relational conflict, a stunning traumatic loss, or uncertainty about a career or ministry path. Maybe you long to feel closer to God but can't get a handle on Him. Whatever the issue, there are usually common elements, pieces to the puzzle that we can start fitting together to form the picture that will move you forward. Along the way, I'll share key truths to skillfully manage your heart so your life can open up, you can experience release from cycles of fear, pain, torment, confusion, depression, stuckness and loss. You can begin to untangle the knots of your life. Yes, you can do it! 

HeartSkills Coaching typically starts out with an 8 or 12 week commitment. While you can contract for HeartSkills™ Coaching for as little as one session, usually for the first round of coaching it is most helpful to dig in and get a good foundation for skillful heart management - to take a look at the judgment cycles that are creating pain, do some journaling or goal setting or my revealing Bundle of Thoughts™ exercise. We will go through the bombshell book How to Stop the Pain by Dr. James B. Richards together and study relational principles in the Bible. (Did you know the Bible is the ultimate book on how to be a healthy person and have healthy relationships?? True story!) I guarantee, both of those books are real eye openers. 

We'll check in frequently throughout the process and at the end, evaluate together if you feel you are gaining insight and skill in the areas you've identified as goals. After your first round of coaching, you may opt to sign up for another round to get more traction on the basics of HeartSkills™ self-management, or to bring something specific into laser focus to make more progress. Or you may sail on your way and only call me again when you need a refresher, to talk through a thorny issue, or to work on a new goal. Whatever you choose to do, HeartSkills™ Coaching is an affordable way to experience real emotional healing and personal growth and to acquire the skills to live a healthy, vibrant, productive life.

Please read the HeartSkills Coaching Agreement and if you choose to contract for HeartSkills Coaching services, we will review and sign it at our first session together.

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