From a Powerful Prayer

A Vision Was Born

I was in prayer on February, 2012. During a special day of contemplation and prayer set aside to seek the Lord for my future, I suddenly had a powerful anointing come over me to pray. As I prayed, suddenly I had a clear internal vision or picture of a small group of six or eight women sitting outside in a circle on straight-backed chairs, each with books and Bibles balanced on their knees. The context of the surroundings was a farm. The women were bent over their books, intently studying together about Jesus and learning about the Christian life. I saw from their faces they were women who had experienced pain, sadness, abuse and loss. They had lived hard lives. Some looked like they might be of foreign origin.

My eyes swept up from that scene of the women in the circle to a big white farmhouse behind them. A woman was standing on the porch with her arm wrapped around the post. A small boy was clinging to her skirt. Then my eyes swept to the right and I saw a row of little cabins, each with its own yard, chickens and chicken coop, and garden. The women lived in these cabins, some together, some with their children. I saw horses, goats, chickens, gardens and orchards. The women were there at the farm to live and work together in a sort of family-like atmosphere to heal from their wounds, to learn of Jesus and the Christian life, and to develop life skills and heart skills.

Utterly overwhelmed, I wept and wept over this powerful vision. I have never had an experience in prayer quite like this.

Founder and President of Freedom Farm Ministries, Julie Elliott Eickenroth vision