Volunteer for Our 2019 Projects

Freedom Farm welcomes volunteers for all areas of work on the permaculture and equine sites and for some of our therapy programs and community events. Note: some volunteer opportunities and programs require female volunteers only; however, we have a number of building and land projects this year where men would be welcome to contribute their skills. Shoot us a message and let’s chat!


Planting and Tending the Gardens

Help us plant and tend our vegetable and flower gardens!


Healing Gardens

Friendly Garden Club grant project - installation of two new native healing gardens

Our permaculture orchard and garden, built by a loving and nurturing community.jpg

Land-based Programs

Permaculture orchard and food forest projects


Horse Paddock Expansion

Adding fence line and gate, clearing trees for Paddock Paradise track system.

A curious chicken checking out the camera, Chicken-keeping program.jpg

Chicken-Keeping Program

Chicken coop conversion, fencing, introduction of flock, Chicken-Keeping 101, related soil building program

The brand new red garden shed upgraded for community workshops.jpg

Garden Shed Upgrade

Painting and organization